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  • Grazing the ever-changing fields

    Lilliputs Nobleman, contributing writer|Sep 2, 2023

    You know, after arriving here from Ireland some 7 months ago I didn't know what to expect. Ireland, as you're no doubt aware, is called the Emerald Isle because the land stays green year-round. Sure, the weather can get a tad tiresome with the misty rain and fog, but it's never very cold. However, I must say that my first winter here was a very cold one. And it's not just me being a wuss, as I heard the same thing from other horses, as well. I had to grow out my coat a bit more to stay warm. As...

  • Meet my friends at the ranch

    Lilliputs Nobleman, contributing writer|Jul 8, 2023

    Last month I mentioned that I would introduce the other horses at the ranch. So, here goes. California Curl (barn name Curls) is a 9-year-old chestnut mare. Her sire was Curlin, a two-time winner of Horse of the Year. Besides being the nicest horse on the ranch, Curls, along with sire Clubhouse Ride, produced my good buddy, Rider. Lovehi is a 14-year-old chestnut mare. And keeping it in the family, Lovehi is the mother of California Curl, and grandmother to Rider. Lovehi had a very successful...

  • What's in a name?

    Lilliputs Nobleman, contributing writer|Jun 10, 2023

    Once again, hello, Tehachapi! Several of you out there have expressed a certain amount of curiosity regarding my unusual name, so here it goes. One thing, I must confess to a small error. My first name is Lilliputs, not Lilliput. Perhaps not a big deal, I mean, I'm only 2-years old so it's a wonder that I can spell at all! My first name represents where I was born, Lilliputs Lodge Irish Draughts in County Kildare, Ireland. Nobleman, my second name, is in honor of my sire (horse dad), Cappa...

  • Lilliput Nobleman speaks!

    Lilliputs Nobleman|May 13, 2023

    Hello, Tehachapi! My name is Lilliput Nobleman (don't ask how I got tagged with that) but everyone calls me Louie. I'm new in town, having flown into Los Angeles airport from a farm in Ireland on Christmas Eve 2022. I spent a few months at the Symphony Dressage training facility in Bear Valley Springs for some sort of evaluation. My trainer Chermaine, who I like a lot, said that I was pretty chill and so off I went to live at my new home at Mountain Springs Ranch in Cummings Valley, located just...