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Meet my friends at the ranch

Lilliputs Nobleman speaks!


July 8, 2023


After a few delays Triassic Rider left for Legacy Farms in Clement, California. Louie and Rider shared a bucket of slurry before Rider left. Best of luck with the racing career, buddy!

Last month I mentioned that I would introduce the other horses at the ranch. So, here goes.

California Curl (barn name Curls) is a 9-year-old chestnut mare. Her sire was Curlin, a two-time winner of Horse of the Year. Besides being the nicest horse on the ranch, Curls, along with sire Clubhouse Ride, produced my good buddy, Rider.

Lovehi is a 14-year-old chestnut mare. And keeping it in the family, Lovehi is the mother of California Curl, and grandmother to Rider. Lovehi had a very successful career as a racehorse running mainly at Santa Anita Park.

Baby Diva is a 4-year-old black mare. Diva is out of the mare Downhill Diva who, like Lovehi, had a successful racing career at Santa Anita Park.

Phlame is an 18-year-old chestnut mare. Phlame is an Arabian and was an accomplished competitor with owner Shelley Bridges on the endurance riding circuit. Endurance riding is open to Arabian horses competing in marathon 50-mile and 100-mile competitions.

The Dude is a 7-year-old gray gelding. The most relaxed horse on the farm, The Dude is not unlike his namesake Jeffrey Lebowski in the classic slacker film, "The Big Lebowski." The Dude had a moderately successful career on the racetrack but is now considered an excellent trail horse.

Milah (barn name Doll Face because, well, she's so cute) is a 6-year-old jet black Arabia/Frisian mare. Doll Face is with us for the following year for a vacation of sorts.

That's all the horse we have, but only for the moment. Rumor has it that an additional two horses will arrive next month. We'll see!


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