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Tree removal at Railroad Park

City of Tehachapi


The two large cottonwood trees at Railroad Park were removed based on recommendations made by an arborist contracted by the City.

Our Public Works Department noticed the trees were becoming more and more unhealthy with large branches and limbs snapping off and posing a significant safety hazard to people using the park. The roots of the trees were also destroying the landscaping and posed another safety concern; the circumference of the two trees had already been chained off for some time to alert park users of the potential tripping hazard.

Railroad Park is used frequently for community events, and the City wants to ensure the safety of the public by removing the unhealthy trees.

The tree removal goes along with the City's ongoing plan to maintain and improve the Railroad Park infrastructure. We started with the refurbishment of the Water Tower late last year and improving the landscaping is the next step. Native trees will be planted to replace the trees that were removed. These changes will improve the usability and safety of the park as well as beautify the space for years to come.

You can watch this video for more information on why the trees were cut down at http://www.fb.watch/scvH9dOMDH/.