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BVS, now a Purple Heart Community

Andi Campognone.

Purple Heart recipients at ceremony, left to right: James Rice, David Hernandez and Pancho Colon.

Recently, the BVS CSD, under the guidance of VP Martin Hernandez, pronounced our community a Purple Heart Community, honoring Purple Heart recipients James Rice, a double-award recipient, and Pancho Colon. A sign was made to post at the gate to the community to greet all who enter.

On May 10, a ceremony took place in which the two named recipients, plus a third who was a previous resident, were honored. David Hernandez was a past Bear Valley Springs member and attended the event. Recently a third current resident's name has come to light. Bruce Carpenter, a current resident, is a Purple Heart Recipient, as well. He was wounded in his right shoulder. This community is well named!

The service opened with VP Hernandez, also a veteran of Vietnam, presiding. It was a brief, sincere service with several community members in attendance. The sign has been posted. And to the veterans who fought and to those who gave their lives, we honor you.