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Grazing the ever-changing fields

Lilliputs Nobleman speaks!

You know, after arriving here from Ireland some 7 months ago I didn't know what to expect. Ireland, as you're no doubt aware, is called the Emerald Isle because the land stays green year-round. Sure, the weather can get a tad tiresome with the misty rain and fog, but it's never very cold.

However, I must say that my first winter here was a very cold one. And it's not just me being a wuss, as I heard the same thing from other horses, as well. I had to grow out my coat a bit more to stay warm.

As time passed the snow melted and the ground was green everywhere, just as in Ireland! The morning fog would hang on the mountains and with the hillsides a vibrant green it all looked great.

Then one morning I looked out at the valley and the vibrant green grass was now a golden brown – what a surprise! Once again, I turned to my fellow California-raised horse for an explanation, and they assured me this was normal, because California is known as the Golden State. Well, ok then!

Just as I got used to the golden-brown hills, I noticed that the valley floor burst into neat rows of greenery. As I turned to my stablemates, they informed me that the rows of greenery were crops. And I must say I've enjoyed gazing at the changing panoramic views of Cummings Valley. Here is a view of Cummings Valley from Mountain Springs Ranch.

And speaking of the weather, how about Hurricane Hilary? Lots of rain! My first (and hopefully last) hurricane and probably yours, too!