By Lilliputs Nobleman
contributing writer 

What's in a name?

Lilliputs Nobleman speaks!


June 10, 2023

Lilliputs Nobleman.

Once again, hello, Tehachapi! Several of you out there have expressed a certain amount of curiosity regarding my unusual name, so here it goes.

One thing, I must confess to a small error. My first name is Lilliputs, not Lilliput. Perhaps not a big deal, I mean, I'm only 2-years old so it's a wonder that I can spell at all! My first name represents where I was born, Lilliputs Lodge Irish Draughts in County Kildare, Ireland.

Nobleman, my second name, is in honor of my sire (horse dad), Cappa Aristocrat. Irish Draughts are ranked in bronze, silver and gold merit categories, much like Olympic athletes with their medals. I'm proud to say that my dad has earned a gold merit level and had placed first in the prestigious Royal Dublin Horse Show three times. Top Dollar is my dam (horse mom) and has achieved a bronze merit status. Mom is young and I'm her first foal (horse child). I believe she has a lot more success ahead of her.

Well, enough about me. Here at the ranch, we have a lot of activities going on. Backhoes are digging trenches for irrigation and electrical lines. It gives me something to watch while I munch on alfalfa. The word around the pasture is that construction on the house will begin shortly. That will be interesting to watch, although with building permits being what they are, I'm not going to hold my breath on that one.

One sad note is that my buddy Rider is leaving the ranch. Rider is going to Legacy Farms, located in Clement just outside Lodi. At the farm he'll be able to interact with other yearling thoroughbreds that, like him, are race track hopefuls.

Besides teaching him to get along with others, they'll feed him well and break him for riding. It's kind of a prep school for thoroughbreds. I expect he'll come back for a visit sometime in the future and I can't wait to hear about it!

Next month I'll introduce the other horses at the farm.


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