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Lilliput Nobleman speaks!

Hello, Tehachapi! My name is Lilliput Nobleman (don't ask how I got tagged with that) but everyone calls me Louie. I'm new in town, having flown into Los Angeles airport from a farm in Ireland on Christmas Eve 2022.

I spent a few months at the Symphony Dressage training facility in Bear Valley Springs for some sort of evaluation. My trainer Chermaine, who I like a lot, said that I was pretty chill and so off I went to live at my new home at Mountain Springs Ranch in Cummings Valley, located just above Triassic Winery.

Oh, I told you my name but nothing about me! I'm a dapple gray 2-year-old Irish Draft horse and I think I'm the only one of my kind around here. Although only 2 years old, I'm already bigger than the other horses on the ranch. By the way, the other horses are all thoroughbreds and they're the reason that I'm here.

It was last August in Ireland when I had a visit from prospective horse buyers Shelley Bridges and John Whelpley. They were looking for an Irish Draft stallion to breed with the thoroughbred fillies and mares. Shelley thought the combination of speed and agility of the thoroughbreds coupled with the size, jumping ability and bravery of an Irish Draft horse (me!) would produce a well-rounded sports horse that competes in three-day eventing, dressage and show jumping.

Back at the ranch, I share a pasture with Triassic Ride (barn name Rider), a chestnut, 1-year-old thoroughbred colt. Rider is being groomed for a career on the racetrack and his dream is to run in the 2025 Kentucky Derby. I was impressed! Rider invited me to go with him to a Kentucky Derby party at Triassic Winery and I said sure, count me in. Both Rider and I met a lot of interesting people and had a fun time. I heard the wine was very tasty but being Irish, I could have used a Guinness.

Life at Mountain Springs Ranch has been great so far. The Loop newspaper has asked me to write a column from time to time about the goings on here at the ranch and how things are going with my friend Rider. So, until next time, I'm just looking forward to what's coming next!

Bye, for now!