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  • Physical health

    Carla Cook, MSW, LCSW, contributing writer|Jun 8, 2024

    Last month we examined the wellness wheel, a visual representation of seven dimensions of wellness. The categories promote self-evaluation and ways to enhance overall quality of life while focusing on living a life of meaning and purpose, adopting a balanced lifestyle, and reaching your full potential. Now we shall explore the physical dimension of the wellness wheel, which includes physical activity, nutrition, sleep hygiene and self-care. Eating healthy, regular meals and staying hydrated can...

  • Wellness and mental health

    Carla Cook, MSW, LCSW, contributing writer|May 11, 2024

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Mental Health Awareness Month was established in 1949 to increase awareness of the importance of mental health and wellness in Americans' lives. Monthly at Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center, we will be exploring practices that support balance as a key to well-being as we examine specific aspects of the wellness wheel and how to optimize each category to facilitate mental and physical health. The wellness wheel is a visual representation of seven...

  • Mental health matters

    Carla Cook, contributing writer|Apr 20, 2024

    Our goal at Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center is to help equip and provide the necessary tools to those needing guidance in navigating through and overcoming the obstacles they face. The owners, Tricia and David Hamm, originally created Healing Solutions Family Therapy Center to meet the significant need for quality mental health services in the Antelope Valley, while providing a supportive environment and a culture of connection and respect. Over the past three years, we have expanded to...

  • Tehachapi Martial Arts Center 15th annual Hapkido Seminar

    Carla Cook, contributing writer|Jul 3, 2021

    On June 12, Tehachapi Martial Arts Center hosted the 15th Annual Combat Hapkido Seminar. Combat Hapkido also known as the "Science of Self-Defense," was developed by Grandmaster John Pellegrini in 1990. The annual event is hosted by Grandmaster Ivan Jadric (with over 55 years of martial arts training, Grandmaster in Combat Hapkido and Taekwondo) and Maria Jadric (black belt in Taekwondo, third Dan in Combat Hapkido). Grandmaster and Maria Jadric founded Tehachapi Martial Arts Center in 1991 and...

  • Tehachapi teen takes title

    Carla Cook, contributing writer|May 25, 2019

    For over 40 years the California Junior High School Rodeo has provided a place for youth to flourish and grow; with the priority of promoting western heritage and investing in the future of young rodeo athletes. California is home to nine districts where 600 members of CHSRA compete. Each of these districts compete in eight rodeos throughout the year accumulating points to determine their top five state qualifiers in each of the 13 events. The top 180 California rodeo athletes from grades six...