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  • 'It was the best of times'

    Cara Davis|Apr 11, 2020

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” were the famous words of Charles Dickens and the start of his novel “A Tale of Two Cities.” I could never understand this contradiction when I was younger. How could it be both at the same time? But as an adult I see it and have experienced it. We all have. We have seen the worst in human behavior that in turn brings out the best. A famous example is the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. A horrible, despicable assault that killed thousands resulted in our country and much of the world com...

  • 2020, a new year

    Cara Davis|Jan 18, 2020

    A New Year, new opportunities, new challenges and new possibilities that are endless. What do you want to accomplish in the coming year? Are you one of the many that makes resolutions for the New Year? One of the top resolutions each year, in one form or another, is about health. Whether it is to take time for yourself, get more exercise, lose weight or strengthen your body, they all revolve around being healthier. Whether or not you make a formal resolution, don’t we all want to be h...

  • Taekwondo for self-defense and beyond: One student's journey

    Cara Davis|Dec 7, 2019

    Courtney Vogel, former competitive gymnast and mother of three came to Bear Force Taekwondo for a good workout but discovered something more. This is her story in her own words. "Since starting Taekwondo in September, I have seen many health benefits in multiple areas of my life. I'm sleeping better, my anxiety has been significantly less, I'm more productive and less overwhelmed, and I have learned skills for self-defense. It's been a personal outlet to rediscover the athlete inside of me....

  • Bear Force Taekwondo Academy students win Gold, Silver and Bronze medals

    Cara Davis|Nov 9, 2019

    A monumental congratulations to the Bear Force Taekwondo team members who competed at the 30th annual Jimmy Kim Invitational Taekwondo Championships. Three team members competed at the tournament held on Sept. 21 at the Walter Pyramid Arena (California State University, Long Beach). Since this was the first tournament for each of the athletes, there was excitement to be had. Master Darren Sauro and Coach Caryn Sauro gave last minute guidance and words of encouragement before the start of...

  • Welcome to Bear Force Taekwondo Academy!

    Cara Davis|Oct 12, 2019

    Did you know that we have a 4th and 5th degree black belt Taekwondo Master and an A-1 level US Olympic Committee certified referee here in little ole Tehachapi? Yes, we do! Let me introduce you to Master Darren Sauro. Darren has been involved in Taekwondo for two decades. In addition to being a 4th and 5th degree Taekwondo Master, he is an A-1 level US Olympic Committee certified referee. Darren has received his certifications through Chang Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo), and USAT (USA...