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Welcome to Bear Force Taekwondo Academy!

Bear Force Taekwondo Academy

Did you know that we have a 4th and 5th degree black belt Taekwondo Master and an A-1 level US Olympic Committee certified referee here in little ole Tehachapi? Yes, we do! Let me introduce you to Master Darren Sauro. Darren has been involved in Taekwondo for two decades. In addition to being a 4th and 5th degree Taekwondo Master, he is an A-1 level US Olympic Committee certified referee.

Darren has received his certifications through Chang Moo Kwan, Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo), and USAT (USA Taekwondo). USAT is the national governing body in the Olympics for the United States, while World Taekwondo is the sanctioning body for the Olympics internationally. Chang Moo Kwan is one of the original Martial Arts Schools in Korea, founded at the end of WWII. Kukkiwon is the World Taekwondo headquarters.

Darren and his wife Caryn, currently a red belt, are the owners and chief instructors of Bear Force Taekwondo Academy. Under their supervision, all instruction is US Olympic Committee Certified and in compliance with the World Taekwondo requirements. Only traditional Taekwondo is taught.

Classes are designed to empower participants to increase strength, focus, concentration and confidence. Students are guided along their own personal journey to the best of their ability. New skills are demonstrated by a series of belt promotion tests. Six tests are scheduled throughout the year. Qualified participation in World Taekwondo and USAT sanctioned events is available once a white striped belt is earned. Once pupils achieve their red belts, they are qualified to attend referee seminars and referee tournaments.

In addition to regular classes, seminars are conducted throughout the year. Bear Force invites other Taekwondo Masters to direct seminars in their individual specialties. Other Taekwondo schools are invited to participate in joint training sessions.

The team spirit is a highly valued trait of the academy. All students participate, no one sits on the bench just to watch. Students are supported, not just in Taekwondo but in all achievements and successes in life. Those with more experience readily help novices. Words of encouragement are often heard during classes.

The Academy was opened four years ago in Bear Valley Springs. The school quickly outgrew the space and moved to the Great Oaks Plaza in Tehachapi. Recently, they moved to a bigger space within the plaza, next to the Butcher Shop. The new suite has a tournament-sized ring, regulation flooring and plenty of seating for family and friends who are always welcome to watch and support their student during classes and testing.

Family and community are a large part of the academy. Several times a year Family Night is held. Students and siblings are invited to a movie, pizza and game night while parents or guardians have a night to themselves. Bear Force is also involved in events in the community and holds fundraisers to help with tournament fees.

Once a year, school pictures are taken by a professional Taekwondo photographer. Everyone gets a picture taken and packages are available to purchase. The pictures are grouped into one frame and displayed at the studio.

Whether you want to obtain the skills to compete or just gain strength, confidence and knowledge, you are welcome. Students of all abilities and ages, Bear Cubs (4-6 years old) to seniors, are accepted. The academy is also a vendor to Inspire and Valley Oaks Charter schools.

Come in and see. First class is free.

Bear Force is located in the Great Oaks Plaza, 20601 W. Valley Blvd., Ste. #B-101, Tehachapi (right next to the Butcher Shop).

Call Coach Caryn or Master Darren (661) 823-4175.