By Jeff Kaplan
Senior Pastor, Shepherd of the Hills, contributing writer 

Finding comfort in grief: join the 'Good Grief Group'


April 13, 2024

Have you lost a loved one?

Losing someone special is never easy. Whether it’s due to death, divorce or other unfortunate circumstances, the pain runs deep. You’re not alone in this journey of grief. Enter the “Good Grief Group.”

What is the “Good Grief Group?” It is a compassionate community where you can find solace and support as you navigate the complex emotions of loss. Here’s what awaits you:

1. Learning from shared experiences:

Connect with others who have walked the same path. Their stories and insights can provide comfort.

2. Meaningful support:

Lean on fellow group members who truly understand your pain. They’ve been there, too.

3. Encouragement and connection:

Extend a helping hand to those facing similar challenges. Your empathy can make a difference.

4. Confidential venting:

Sometimes you just need to express your feelings without judgment. This group offers a safe space for sharing.

5. A touch of humor:

Amidst the tears, find moments of laughter. Grief doesn’t mean constant sorrow.

6. Building caring friendships:

Connect with others who understand your grief. These friendships can be lifelines.

Located at Shepherd of the Hills Church, 24300 Bear Valley Rd. (next to Cummings Valley Elementary School). Every Thursday at 6 p.m.

Questions? Contact Stan at (661) 972-8758. We invite you to explore our group and find comfort in shared understanding. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Comfort is available for you.


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