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'It was the best of times'


April 11, 2020

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” were the famous words of Charles Dickens and the start of his novel “A Tale of Two Cities.” I could never understand this contradiction when I was younger. How could it be both at the same time? But as an adult I see it and have experienced it. We all have.

We have seen the worst in human behavior that in turn brings out the best. A famous example is the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. A horrible, despicable assault that killed thousands resulted in our country and much of the world coming together, neighbor helping neighbor, getting through the horror with love and support.

Today, we are living it again. This time an unseen enemy, a microscopic virus attacking the world. Once again, we are being tested to our limits of energy, patience, health and finances. But if you look for the good news there is an abundance of it. Our doctors, nurses and first responders are doing what they do best. They are putting it all on the line to help us get well. There are also the unlikely heroes of this pandemic, the store employees that are doing their best to keep the stores’ shelves as stocked as possible, the truck drivers that are keeping the deliveries and food chain flowing and the manufacturing companies and employees that switched from making their products to making medical equipment.

People are finding a way to connect even with “social distancing.” Italian police officers are giving mini concerts in the empty streets to the enjoyment of people listening from their balconies. Neighbors are exercising together on their individual balconies, apart but together. People are discovering video chatting. We are finding many ways to be together while being apart.

Closer to home, our local animal shelters are empty. All of the animals are being fostered by people isolating at home. This has given the employees the opportunity to stay home instead of traveling to the shelters to care for the animals and providing warm, furry comfort for those that may have otherwise been alone.

Our restaurants are making sure everyone has the opportunity to eat. Take out, drive through and delivery are now available. Stores have established special hours for the elderly and medically vulnerable to safely shop for food and medications. There are those that are making sure that meal deliveries to people unable to leave their homes are continuing.

After a tragedy, big or small, I like to remember a quote by Mr. Rogers, “Look for the helpers.” Do not concentrate on the bad, look for those who are making things better. All of us can find a way to be helpful. Even the smallest gesture is helpful. We will make it through this trial. It will be tough and emotional but we will persevere.

Bear Force Taekwondo Academy is praying for everyone’s health and safety during this time. We are looking forward to things getting back to normal. Until then, for the safety and health of our staff and students we will be conducting classes via virtual classrooms. Please if you have any questions feel free to contact Master Darren or Coach Caryn at (661) 823-4175.


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