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Discover something by taking a walk

I love things you discover when you take a walk. On Oct. 28, my friend and I had just finished lunch and decided to take a walk downtown. We figured it would be a nice way to digest our food. What we didn’t know was that we would discover a wonderful, serendipitous, entertaining and delightful event.

This walk had taken us to where the Tehachapi Pops Orchestra was putting on their Halloween Spooktacular. We were invited in and completely taken by how all the decorations and musical instruments had modernized what used to be the old Moose Lodge. The Orchestra was ready to play. We sat down and enjoyed a musical blast from the past!

The ensemble played hauntingly fun musical melodies from old TV shows and movies like, “The Addams Family,” “The Munster’s” and “Ghostbusters”! It made me smile on the inside and out when I recognized these tunes.

In addition to the delightful music, we were encouraged to stay for the next event they were hosting. Boy, were we in for a treat! The next event was like nothing I had ever experienced before. We were in the audience to watch what they used to do in the 1930s, akin to watching a live radio show! They had a professional announcer narrate a story.

There were actors to play the different characters in the story. All of the actors and the narrator did their work in front of a microphone using their only voices to do the acting. The orchestra added music to give the story dramatic effect. It was fantastic! If I were to rate it on social media, I would give them 10 stars and a big thumbs up!

As we reflected on our day, my friend and I were so happy we took that walk. Whenever you have the chance, take a walk around. In addition to the exercise, you never know what you might discover!