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What is functional strength training?

What exactly is functional strength training and how does it differ from traditional strength training?

Simply put, functional strength training programs engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously by attempting to mimic basic human movement patterns.

In contrast, a traditional strength program isolates a specific muscle group, such as the biceps, quads, or back to build strength in a particular area.

However, it doesn't have to be one or the other. A strong functional training program should focus on enhancing the coordination between muscle groups and the nervous system with the end goal of improving performance of a day-to-day task. In order for a functional training program to transfer to real-life activities, it is important that the program include these factors: coordination, speed of movement, and range of motion.

The human body can perform three basic body movements: push, pull, and rotate. Functional training uses these essential movement patterns with the compound movement of muscles and joints.

Only pneumatic resistance allows one to exercise at speed. If you can't do it at speed, it is not functional training.

For the month of October, Keiser has loaned Tehachapi Sculpt365 its leg extension demo machine that uses pneumatic resistance on one leg and traditional leg resistance on the other, clearly demonstrating the superiority of Keiser Dynamic Variable Resistance over iron. Resistance is lowered at the beginning, increased in the middle before backing off at full extension. Working your legs independently at speed maximizes your training results, while protecting your joints and connective tissue.

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