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Tehachapi Community Garden

My name is Madeline and I've started a community garden with the Tehachapi Humanitarian Relief group. We've started the garden in The Village Tehachapi's backyard, 101 East H Street, but still need lots of help to keep it going. We will also be partnering with the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District to expand our garden into downtown, so watch for updates on that!

How can you help us?

Donations: Help us pay for or donate the supplies we need. This includes manure, untreated wood, fall/spring starter plants, seeds, untreated straw or leaves, organic potting soil, bird/hummingbird feeders, native flowering plants to attract pollinators, compost, gardening tools/supplies and materials for a drip irrigation system.

Volunteers: We need two types of volunteers. The first is a regular volunteer. Regular volunteers hold no commitment to the garden and are able to volunteer anytime they hear of an event they can attend. You mainly just attend events and don't upkeep the garden regularly. If you cannot commit a lot of time to the garden, but would like to help when you have time, you will be considered a regular volunteer. If you have more time though, and would like to really participate in the community garden, you can become a member volunteer. You will need to give us your contact information and you will then be put on a list of people that we can reach out to for help. You will be personally notified of when we have events and invited to celebratory events regarding the garden. You will also help with general upkeep of the garden and be able to attend meetings regarding the garden. If you would like to make a commitment to the garden, contact us and become a member.

Sponsors: We are looking for individuals, businesses and organizations to sponsor our garden. To be considered a sponsor you would be giving a monthly or yearly contribution to the garden of over a certain amount. The contribution could be volunteers or donations. As a sponsor you will be mentioned on a plaque in our garden and thanked during events and in published media. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us.

Lastly, resources: We're looking for people to reach out regarding gardening/biology expertise and beneficial partnerships/connections.

If you are interested or have contact information for us, send us an email.

Follow our social media

@thevillagecommunitygarden. To contact those running the garden, email [email protected] or call/text (310) 927-9245. To contact the Tehachapi Humanitarian Relief Group, who is always needing volunteers, email [email protected] or call (661) 771-7202.