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  • Mental health support at Cornerstone

    Rev. Joshua Pierce, Mdiv. RADT, contributing writer|May 28, 2024

    Writing about mental illness, even during mental health awareness month, is a difficult task. I find that the stigma creates a barrier that prevents the natural flow of ideas from making it to the page. The issue tends to compound when I attempt to share my own story. I can talk and share about my struggles long past with ease, but the more recent pieces are more difficult. Maybe, because I am still attempting to process them. So here it goes… As many of you already know, I have struggled w...

  • Just the beginning

    Rev. Joshua Pierce, Mdiv. RADT, contributing writer|Jun 10, 2023

    The last year has come and gone faster than I could have imagined. It feels like only a few months have passed since Cornerstone reopened, but we have been serving the community for over a year. On May 25, Cornerstone celebrated a year serving Tehachapi with an official grand opening and Narcan training. For me, the event felt surreal. I did not expect so many people from the community to show their support. After the event I sat down with several of Cornerstone's clients, who volunteered for th...

  • The struggle to come clean

    Rev. Joshua Pierce, Mdiv. RADT|Jun 11, 2022

    One of the hardest parts about reaching out for substance abuse help is a fear of what may happen when the problem is admitted. I receive calls from people who want help but are terrified that if they admit they have a problem they will lose their friends, families, job and be cast as a failure. To those who feel that way, I want to let them know that true friends want you to get help; your family wants their parent, sibling, child and cousin back; your job is required to work with you when you...