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By Rev. Joshua Pierce
Mdiv. RADT 

The struggle to come clean

Cornerstone Center for Substance Abuse Treatment


June 11, 2022

Rev. Joshua Pierce, Mdiv. RADT.

One of the hardest parts about reaching out for substance abuse help is a fear of what may happen when the problem is admitted.

I receive calls from people who want help but are terrified that if they admit they have a problem they will lose their friends, families, job and be cast as a failure. To those who feel that way, I want to let them know that true friends want you to get help; your family wants their parent, sibling, child and cousin back; your job is required to work with you when you admit to the problem; and that seeking help takes incredible strength and is an act of courage. Hiding an addiction will cause it to continue to fester, grow and cost you everything you are trying to hold on to.

A second fear that I hear is a lack of time to go through a treatment program. I let them know that the state of California has set up many protections for those who admit to having a substance use disorder, including the following:

• Those coming clean about their substance use and willingly seeking treatment are granted all the rights and protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

• The Family Medical Leave Act provides up to 12 weeks of job protection while in treatment.

• Those in treatment can be put on disability leave and can receive state and private disability funds.

• All clients are protected by HIPAA, which means:

• Their health insurance company cannot disclose that their clients are in treatment, even if it is a company provided health insurance plan.

• Our clinic cannot confirm or deny who is in our program if someone calls and asks.

• The off work orders provided to maintain disability and or FMLA do not disclose the reason why someone has taken time off, nor do they have our logo or any indication that the letter is from a substance abuse treatment program.

Those who call us often breathe a sigh of relief when they hear this information. They still might not be ready to enter treatment, but at least the fears mentioned above are alleviated.

Our hope at Cornerstone Center for Substance Abuse Treatment is to help all who walk through our doors, provide healing for those in need and aid in the reconciliation of families, friends and communities. This process can only begin when someone overcomes the struggle to come clean.

If you have any questions, please reach out.

Located at 410 W. J St., Ste, A., Tehachapi. Call (661) 750-0438 or email for more information.


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