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  • The other half of the pocket

    Nohawk Rob, contributing writer|Jun 8, 2024

    So after playing drums for roughly six years, I was drinking beers with my dad and my lead singer, Buddy Ammons, in the Panhandle of Florida at my father's house. Buddy says to my dad, "Rolie, you have no idea how amazing your son is on the drums! He's the best around." My WWII Marine Veteran, Finnish dad belts out in his Bowser-like voice, "Well, what're you gonna do RJ? Put a sign up in Ponce De Leon (FL) saying, 'The worlds best drummer lives down this dirt road!'" This was, of course,...

  • It's all about that bass...eventually

    Nohawk Rob, contributing writer|May 28, 2024

    As a musician, no one I know actually set out to be a bass guitarist. In my teens, everyone wanted to be the lead singer, lead guitarist or the drummer. They wanted to be the front man, the wailing guitarist or the wild man drummer. But I don't recall anyone saying, "I just want to be the bass player." The Southern Rock bands that had so many guitarists to choose from, used to make the worst one play bass. My favorite (not!) quote when people approach me..."Bass must be easy, there's only four...

  • Meet 'Nohawk Rob'

    Nohawk Rob, contributing writer|May 11, 2024

    I'm Rob Saranpa, also known as "Nohawk Rob," a musician and a proud resident of Tehachapi since 1994. Let me take you back to how I landed here. Toward the end of 1993, I had the chance to tour across Europe and had a layover in Amsterdam – plenty of stories there! Upon returning to the San Fernando Valley, I felt the urge to move elsewhere. I had three options: Seattle to open a rehearsal studio, Las Vegas to play country music in hotels or Tehachapi to join a local band and have a day job at C...