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There's a crystal

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The Edgar Kelly Band.

Hey T-Town. Thank you to those of you that have reached and gave me positive feedback. Much appreciated!

So, enough about me.

I now want to get into a little history of Tehachapi's local music scene. And what I'm talking about, specifically, is Rock & Roll, cover band, bar band stuff. I am no aficionado on Folk, Classical, etc.

I reached out to my old friends Dave Bouldin and Dennis Collins and had a wonderful chat with both! Dave is a singer/guitarist and Dennis ran sound for many bands.

Dave has been in Tehachapi for 47 years and was in bands in the 1980s.

Back in 1980 he was recruited by Lee White (of Lee's House of Music) and his sister Kathy Alexander to play with Mark Kennedy (guitar) and Tehachapi native Pat Mata on the drums to form the band Quick Set.

At that time Dave said that the most well known band was a group of guys called The Edgar Kelly Band. Members included Rich Valpey, Rob Friese, Kelly Dallon Cox, Jim Lewandowski, and Monroe Connors et al.

Dave reached back further and listed some other "old timers" from Contagious Rage including; Bob Parker, and Dennis Anderson also of Crystal Rock. Rob Friese was also the drummer in this band.

Dave fondly remembers (as do I) the famous Bouldin Rib Bash parties that featured many of these bands and named others that came along including; Ragged Edge, Gravel Road, Blonde Faith.

In 1982, Dave met Paul Isbell. Everyone knew Gravel Road. The amazingly talented son of Paul, Dan Isbell, was the lead vocalist and guitarist and is still playing to this day. Dan's late sister, Karen, was also in this tight family band.

I remember seeing them when I first moved up here.

Dennis was really passionate about a certain, stand out guitarist by the name of Doyle Davis and spoke to his amazing talent.

I also talked to my dear friend, Jerry Mulkins. The Mulkinizer, himself! He and Dave both said that a certain guitarist just stood out! His name? Steve Hall.

I hope hearing all these names brought back fond memories...they did for me.

I play music for a faith-based group called High Desert Emmaus West that serves from Bakersfield to the Antelope Valley. 90 percent of the musicians are from Tehachapi!

When I asked Dave why Tehachapi seemed to be so full of musicians, he said, "There's a crystal in Black Mountain that draws musicians".

I reckon so.

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