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By Laura Brubaker
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Featured flower: Ranunculus


March 30, 2024


Peach ranunculus.

Ranunculus flowers are always a crowd pleaser and a favorite for many people. These hardy blooms look incredibly fragile, with layer upon layer of delicate, almost transparent petals but, in reality, they are surprisingly long-lasting. If they are cut when they are still closed and squishy, a fresh ranunculus can be expected to last up to 10 days or longer in an arrangement.

Ranunculus bloom in the spring, preferring cooler temps, and grow in a vast color range from startlingly bright yellow to white, pink, peach, red and all shades of blends in between. They come from a very large genus, comprising more than 1,700 species and are considered a premium bloom in florist shops, usually costing more than the average stem. They're popular choices for weddings or upscale designs, bringing a wildflower-like, whimsical feel to any piece.

If you would like to order ranunculus for yourself or someone special, give Blooms a call at (661) 557-5083 and, with a bit of advance notice, we should be able to meet your request, particularly if you're looking for a specific color. Until next time, keep blooming and enjoying this gorgeous spring!


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