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GHCSD discusses solar field lease and sold waste rates

At their Feb. 15 meeting, the board of the Golden Hills CSD approved a $.20 monthly rate increase for residential solid waste collection ($23.68) and $.31 for commercial collection ($36.69).

Joe Torres was at the meeting and explained that the increase was mandated by CalRecycle and affects all of California. The rate increases will take effect on July 1. Also being added in 2024 is a 64 gallon greenwaste container with a monthly rate of $11.14 residential and $19.55 commercial. Torres reported that there may be more increases when the county is heard from, adding that there has not been a rate increase in three years.

The board also approved a lease between the Golden Hill CSD, Iriart Solar 2488CA, LLC and Freestone Renewables, LLC, both of Highlands Ranch, Colorado, to develop two solar photovoltaic generating and energy storage facilities on parcels owned by the GHCSD. The company had looked at 10 possible locations before deciding on the two parcels. One parcel is located on the north side of Highline Road, east of Water Canyon Road, and the other is located on Steuber Road between Highline Road and Abajo Avenue. Each parcel is approximately 25 acres.

Each lease would be for 25 years with the option to extend to 34 years and will provide an income stream for the GHCSD during this period. During the development period (the first 2 or 3 years), rent would be $5,000 per year. This will increase to $500 per acre per year during construction. Once operational, the rent will increase to $2,500 per acre with provisions for a 1% increase annually.