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LifeWave X39 stem cell activation patches

The X39 Patch is clinically proven to provide the body with an elevated level of health and vitality! The secret? A proprietary, patented and proven light therapy, non-transdermal patch technology that is safe, non-invasive and easy to use. LifeWave’s technology is the result of over 80 clinical studies and 10 years of research.

Scientific studies show after 35 years we experience a 50% reduction in stem cell production AND GHK-Cu… after 60 years an 80% reduction in production, which is why the body starts to break down presenting us with more health challenges and aging.

Most common benefits:

• Reduced pain and discomfort

• Reduced inflammation

• Improved energy and vitality

• Supports the natural wound healing process

• Enhanced sports performance

• Assists recovery from exercise

• Helps improve skin appearance

• Restores mental clarity

• Better sleep

I could not help but share this as I have had encouraging results, myself.

LifeWave is the world’s first and only company using this patented approach to activate stem cells.

If you have time to listen to an amazing presentation search for “X39Explained – Dr. Leland Stillman, M.D.” online

For more information visit http://www.Thisisitinfo.com or contact Claudia at [email protected].