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Calling all Tehachapi High School students

The California Lions Clubs, in particular Tehachapi Lions Club, is sponsoring the Student Speaker Contest of 2023-24, titled “For a Better World - What Would You Change?” The contest is open to all students ages 14-18, whether they are in public, private or home school programs.

Students, this is your opportunity to voice your opinion (plus facts) and gather some funds toward your future goals. The competitions are progressive. The local competitions could possibly garner a student up to $500 in cash. The higher level contests could possibly bring a student up to $21,000 in scholarship earnings.

What are the requirements? You prepare a speech covering the contest topic, “For a Better World - What Would You Change?” The speech given must be 5-10 minutes in length. Your name would have to be submitted by Feb. 2 as the first speech competition takes place in Tehachapi on Feb. 15. Are you interested; are you up for a challenge?

For more information, please contact S. Morrison at (661) 972-2948.