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Project D.E.F.T.

Marty's Musings

A tradition over the past 12 plus years has been Project D.E.F.T., which sends Christmas cards to veterans in nursing homes throughout California. Over the years we've had as many as 9,000 cards a year and as few as 2,500, but we've always been able to make sure our veterans get cards before the Holiday!

There are certain requirements which the V.A. has placed on us for the cards. Please, nothing political, nothing religious (keep in mind we don't know the religion of the recipient) and no personal information. A first name is great, a message would be nice but again no personal information. Another requirement would be no glitter, keep in mind some of these veterans may have open wounds. Please do not seal the envelope or put a stamp on it (though donations for stamps and shipping would be appreciated). Each card must be looked at to make sure the requirements are met before we send the cards out.

As most of you know I've retired this year but Ginger, a longtime fan of this project, has taken it over. Please drop the cards off at Ginger Patz Farmers Insurance at 212 W. F St., across the parking lot from Bank of the Sierra. The deadline is Dec. 1, but Ginger wants everyone to know that cards received after the first will be saved and sent next year. We'd like this to be a project people can contribute to all year long!

Remember for so many of these veterans it will be the only card or contact they receive this Holiday Season. Don't let them be forgotten.

Marty Pay is a contributing writer for The Loop newspaper and has been a Financial Planner for years and teaches Finance at a local University. He can be reached at Farmers Insurance in Tehachapi (661) 822-3737.