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St. Judes Lemonade Stand

Three times a week and often on his own dime, Father Wes wheels out his lemonade stand and children line up excitedly through the courtyard of St. Jude's Anglican Church to receive a sweet, free treat. Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday he sets up the stand for kids coming from Tompkins Elementary after school, handing out nearly 100 cookies and cups of lemonade in a half hour's time.

Father Wes has been doing his free lemonade and a cookie stand for the past three years and loves to interact with the kids. The stand provides lemonade, cookies and a place for parents to safely meet up with their children. During colder months hot chocolate is offered in addition to lemonade. On Fridays, after the stand, Father Wes runs a hobby club in the church where kids can learn things like how to build a model airplane and work with clay.

St. Jude's is actively encouraging parents to use the church parking lot on any day of the week for child pick-up. It is a safe option for parent's not wanting their kids crossing Curry Street.

Support the stand by dropping off any cookie, lemonade or hot chocolate donations at St. Jude's at 1200 S. Curry St., Tehachapi on Fridays 3 to 5 p.m.

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