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Meet Your New Neighbors

Anita and Jess Beltran moved to Tehachapi in March from Porter Ranch in the San Fernando Valley. It was Jess' friend of 50 years, Steve Rhodes, who suggested they look at Tehachapi as a place to live, and they fell in love with the area.

Jess was born in San Fernando Hospital and raised in nearby Sylmar. At the age of 22, Jess started a custom upholstery business making seats for Harley Davidson motorcycles. He did this for 15 years before he was hired by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery in Van Nuys where he worked as a lab technician and then a brewing analyst for 25 years. He received his bachelors degree while working for the company.

Anita was born in Los Angeles. Her family now lives in Texas. Anita said that they moved there after the 1970 Sylmar earthquake. They moved back to California until the Northridge earthquake and then moved back to Texas. Following the family moves, Anita opted to stay in California with her grandmother in Burbank. She became a dental assistant, a profession she practiced for 28 years with a short break to be a stylist for Supercuts. She also taught dentistry at Everest College in Reseda.

This is the third marriage for each of them. Anita has a son and two daughters and Jess has a son and a daughter. They are all in Los Angeles. Roy Beltran, Jess' 94-year-old father lives with them and is delighted that he is able to spend his day watching the elk, deer and other wildlife from his window.

In her spare time, Anita makes pottery out of cement and Plaster of Paris, paints furniture and works on other DIY projects. Jess still likes to sew and is still making seats for motorcycles, although he sold his Harley two years ago. Both of them take care of their two dogs, a rescued Lahsa Apso named Zoey and a Reindeer (long-legged) Chihuahua named Chloe.

Welcome to Tehachapi, Anita, Jess and Roy. We know you are enjoying your new community.


If you have moved to Tehachapi within the last six months, Hilltop Welcoming Service has a bag of information about the Greater Tehachapi area, including local activities, events, government and facilities. There are always a few coupons and gifts, as well. It is a great way to learn about your new community. Being part of this column is strictly optional. If you would like a visit from the Welcome Hostess, contact our office at (661) 822-8188.