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Blond Mustard in Central Park

Strange name right? The band Blond Mustard has been together for the last 10 years. They are a group of friends who really enjoy music and play locally at the wineries and other local venues. The band plays rock, pop, country and jazz. It's really all about making good music together.

The group consists of lead singer Gloria (Glo) Yeager, who is well known as a dance instructor in Tehachapi. Glo has worked with numerous artists on a national level, including Steely Dan, Al Wilson, Andy Williams and others.

Pat Shoptaw is the drummer and second lead vocalist. Pat has been playing drums since he was a teenager and has played hundreds of gigs in L.A. and elsewhere, even on the Queen Mary.

Phil Serpico is the bassist and backup vocalist. Phil has played for 50 years. He was a studio musician in L.A. with Pat. They lay down the solid foundation for the group. In other words, they are the heartbeat.

Keyboard player and vocalist, Jerry Mulkins, started the band in 2002. He called it Cheap Yellow Mustard, which turned into Blue Mustard, and then finally, Blond Mustard. If it has "Mustard" in the title, Jerry started the group.

Finally, the guest star is Steve Hall, guitarist. Steve is a local guitar teacher and composer of film soundtracks. He is joining Blond Mustard for the Mountain Festival. All the band members are passionate about making good music and take joy in performing together. They love making music. Come check them out!