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August 5, 2023

Our community has long been one with deep, caring roots – where loving our neighbors as ourselves is one of our core values. That’s how the Family Life Pregnancy Center came to be. In 1989, two women saw and heard the cries of young women and men struggling with a pregnancy or family difficulty, caught up in a world that can be so divisive. They wanted to help. Today, the center still hears those cries and desires to help all those in need.

Over the years, people of all socioeconomic backgrounds, ages and ethnicity have walked through our doors. Some are excited and can’t wait to take a pregnancy test; some arrive scared and confused; others come determined to find their way. No matter the position, each client enters with a need for support of some kind and wanting to know they are not alone. We strive to meet each need with kindness, compassion and open minds – investing our time and resources into each individual, believing that each one deserves an opportunity to thrive in our community or wherever their journey takes them.

Each week, the center helps women and men strengthen their parenting skills, understand the process of childbirth and learn communication skills within the family dynamic. Some of these classes are court mandated. The center also provides self-administered pregnancy tests, limited onsite ultrasounds (up to 14 weeks) and material resources (clothing, diapers, baby food, formula, toys, strollers and other pregnancy related essentials).

In addition to helping moms and dads overcome obstacles with an existing pregnancy, the center also assists those carrying the weight of losing a child and/or overcoming childhood trauma. These are wounds that go deep and require a unique kind of tenderness. The center embraces those in this area of need, so they can release their pain and grab hold of a brighter future. It’s exciting and rewarding to see those who have healed become strong leaders in our community and beyond.

A new program beginning at the center will be sexual health seminars. Our public schools are required to teach comprehensive sex education once in middle school and once in high school. However, many are choosing to opt out of this program. In an effort to provide an alternative and meet the need in the community, our director, who is experienced in teaching sexual health, will begin offering non-accredited sexual health seminars this fall. This program will not be through the school district. The curriculum will include the latest facts of sexually transmitted infections and the risks of pregnancy. As with all the services offered at the center, the facts are laid out and the recipient chooses their own direction.

Last year, the center purchased a beautiful property in the heart of Tehachapi, solidifying our determination to serve this community. Located at 103 East D Street, next to the Tehachapi Museum, the center has deepened its loving roots and found its forever home.

The center receives calls everyday - some stating they have no insurance or funds to exchange for our services. All services at the center are FREE. Our long-time supporters know the need is great and continue their financial support. We welcome all additional support. As a non-profit organization, all our income is derived from donations. We hold three fundraisers each year – our upcoming Evening for Life is one of them. This event is a light-hearted, fun evening to gather with friends, make new ones and support a cause to build and strengthen our community from the very beginning stages of a new life. We provide a delicious dinner and dessert, wine and beer tasting, exciting silent and live auctions, ending with a fun time dancing under the stars. Please join us!

Call (661) 823-8255 to register for this event or for more information on the center.


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