By Ann Carroll
contributing writer 

Another big thank you from Have A Heart Humane Society


May 27, 2023

We are so grateful to have such a network of support in this community!

We must thank our friends at Bear Valley Springs Tailwaggers Club for doing endless fundraising for us and the Tehachapi area. This group continued their hard work over time and ended up raising more than enough to sponsor a $7,000 Snip Bus spay and neuter clinic to be held at Have A Heart. This benefits our city, our county and all of the pets and pet owners in the surrounding areas.

Tailwaggers loves their pets and knows that spay and neuter is important for the well-being of the pet population.

They held bake sales at several venues and ultimately opened opportunities for pet lovers to win a beautiful piece of artwork based on their beloved pet by a professional artist. So many people participated! Because of this, over 40 dogs and cats can be spayed and neutered at a reasonable fee to their owners. What a fabulous gesture.

We praise their involvement, and thank them for their unselfish efforts.


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