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Supermarkets with spirit

Our three supermarkets, Albertsons, Save Mart and now Walmart, are really generous to our community in supporting good deed efforts. This is the 10th year we have experienced this support from Albertsons and Save Mart!

Tehachapi Community Church, UCC, at East E and Green Streets, has been collecting from our congregation to provide support for the Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving dinner program for the less fortunate families of Tehachapi. The supermarkets came through in a big way to add to TCC’s support. We in Tehachapi are fortunate to have many hometown businesses which have been so helpful over many years. And this is the season to be thankful to the Tehachapi charities, particularly the tremendous efforts of the Salvation Army. Their next holiday efforts, the bell ringers and the Angel Tag program for children, need our support also.

These are but a few of the multitude of reasons why Tehachapi is such a great place to live!