By LeAnn Williams
District Manager 

Dye Natatorium Re-opened July 20


On January 20, 2016 the Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District (TVRPD) delayed the seasonal opening of Dye Natatorium. We are pleased to announce that the pool was re-opened on Wednesday, July 20, 2016.

In 2013, there was a closure due to the roof leak and discovery of black mold. TVRPD replaced the roof in 2013 along with extensive mold remediation and a rebuild of the ceiling and walls of the bathrooms, locker rooms, hallway and lifeguard area. We also replaced the store front doors and painted the deck. Total cost of the renovation was $120,325.44, of which $66,259.47 was paid by our insurance carrier. Cost to the District was $54,065.97.

The completed construction included removal of the insulation over the pool. New insulation was installed, along with a vapor barrier. Upon removal of the insulation, we had the metal supports inspected. The inspection found the structure to be compromised along with exposed and faulty electrical throughout the facility. TVRPD had the structure reinforced and electrical brought up to code. We also fixed the leak at the main drain and small void beneath along with a few other small leaks around the skimmers.

We realize the timing of the construction was an inconvenience to our community, but we needed to ensure we had not only an operational facility but a safe one. Thank you for your patience.

The total cost of the renovation was $125,796.53. Of this, $81,740.53 will be paid for by our insurance carrier. Cost to the District was $44,056.

We strive to be completely transparent with all that we do. As was stated in January, our goal was not just to patch Dye, but address the cause. Dye Natatorium is a treasured recreational asset to the Tehachapi Community.

The Dye Natatorium was built in 1958. It is an aging facility but a true asset to both young and old. As facilities age, the cost to maintain and operate them increases. TVRPD is committed to doing our very best with our limited resources in serving our aquatic community.


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