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By Donita White
Licensed Esthetician, Acne Specialist, RN 

Skinovative Face and Body

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April 26, 2014

Real Solutions for Clear Skin

More than 60 million Americans suffer from some form of acne breakouts. Acne affects more than 80% of all teenagers at some time in their lives, and clogged pores comprise more than 25% of all visits to the dermatologist. Acne now has hit epidemic proportions in adults, especially women. What used to be just a teenage problem is now a real challenge in people's lives.

What is a Face Reality Certified Acne Specialist?

Face Reality Acne Clinic was launched in 2005 by Laura Cooksey, an esthetician in Northern California, who has specialized in treating acne since 1990. Laura developed her skills by studying with renowned dermatologist, Dr. James E. Fulton. She has earned a nationwide reputation for her remarkable results in treating acne without the use of prescription medications. She has been sought after by skin care specialists to teach her methods and share her knowledge.

A licensed skin care professional who becomes Face Reality Certified is someone who has studied Laura's modality and passed a test to indicate their proficiency. Only when they become certified will Face Reality allow someone to sell and professionally use their acne products. The Face Reality Specialist then also has support from the team at Face Reality Acne Clinic when they come across a particularly difficult or unusual case of acne or similar skin condition.

Face Reality has honed its methods and products through helping to clear thousands of acne sufferers of all ages and ethnicities. Although most of these people had already tried prescription topical products, antibiotics, laser and blue light therapy, Accutane™ and a myriad of over-the-counter products, they had not gotten and stayed clear until they found Face Reality Acne Clinic. Face Reality continues to research, experiment and conduct clinical trials to continually improve their modality and share the information with its Acne Specialists community.

By choosing a Face Reality Acne Specialist, you have taken an important step to getting your skin clear! Products alone will not solve your acne problem. You also need an expert's guidance.


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