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  • Tehachapi's own revolutionary PRP Treatments

    Tonics MedSpa|Apr 27, 2024

    In the ever-evolving world of regenerative aesthetic treatments, Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking rejuvenation and healing. Tonics MedSpa in Tehachapi, California, is offering PRP treatments that can provide a myriad of health benefits. PRP therapy, a procedure that utilizes the patient's own blood components to stimulate healing and regeneration, has gained significant traction for its effectiveness in addressing issues ranging from hair loss and skin...

  • Indulge in love: the perfect Valentine's Day treat with Tonics MedSpa

    Tonics MedSpa|Feb 3, 2024

    Love is in the air, and what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than by treating your special someone to a day of relaxation and rejuvenation? This year, make your gesture truly memorable by gifting them a special experience at Tonics MedSpa and alchemy aesthetics. Our Valentine's Day special is an exclusive package that combines the best of both worlds – beauty and relaxation. The package includes a session of Dysport, a non-invasive treatment to refresh and revitalize the skin. F...

  • 2024 You: add, don't subtract

    Tonics Med Spa|Jan 6, 2024

    Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? While I don’t necessarily love the idea of striking out a new course to “just’’ leave a smaller footprint, I do love it when there is a decision to be more healthy. I often discuss weight loss these days. My advice is nearly always the same. Add, don’t subtract. Instead of limiting soda, I encourage more water. If you are drinking a gallon of water daily you will likely have less time to drink soda, due to all those bathroom breaks! It’s a little overwhelming to navigate through the tons of good...

  • Tehachapi's newest Med Spa

    Tonics Med Spa|Dec 9, 2023

    Tehachapi's newest Med Spa now has an Advanced Skincare Professional! Meet Tonics aesthetician, Roschel Wynn. With almost 20 years in the beauty industry, Roschel specializes in advanced chemical peels, hyperpigmentation correction, dermaplaning, acne and reversing the signs of pre-mature aging. She is also the lead educator for Control Corrective Professional Skincare which is featured at Tonics Med Spa. Roschel also has two additional locations in Bakersfield at VIPMD Plastic Surgery office...

  • There is a new business in town!

    Tonics|Oct 14, 2023

    Tonics is a medspa located at 675 Tucker Rd., Ste. E. This luxury treatment center is operated by a local nurse, Amy Horney. The menu includes an array of neurotoxins, hylauronic acid fillers, laser hair removal treatments, facials and chemical peels, IV hydration, skin care, body contouring and so much more! Amy is passionate about preventing and correcting the signs of aging in all her clients and loves to educate on modalities available to help people love and appreciate the skin they are...