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Take responsibility for your well being

Terry Delamater, RPh, [email protected].

Humans vary in the efficiency with which they burn and store nutrients in response to overeating.

Some people waste more energy when they overeat and store less. Those individuals tend not to gain weight easily.

Humans also vary in their reaction to food deprivation. Some conserve energy better than others and when they diet, they don't lose weight easily.

Obesogens (chemicals that disrupt normal development and the balance of lipid metabolism) which have entered the environment in the last 50 years, falsely stimulate hunger or food storage when not needed. The increasing incidence of obesity correlates with heightened consumption of ultra processed foods along with environmental toxins including some derived from fertilizers, insecticides, plastics and air pollutants.

My suggestion is to cut down on junk food, fast food and bottled water. Clip out this article and claim your free stainless steel tumbler at Sculpt365, fill it with our filtered water and help save the environment.

– Terry Delamater is the owner of Sculpt365 Health Clubs and a retired Pharmacist.