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Meet 'Nohawk Rob'

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'Nohawk Rob.'

I'm Rob Saranpa, also known as "Nohawk Rob," a musician and a proud resident of Tehachapi since 1994. Let me take you back to how I landed here.

Toward the end of 1993, I had the chance to tour across Europe and had a layover in Amsterdam – plenty of stories there! Upon returning to the San Fernando Valley, I felt the urge to move elsewhere. I had three options: Seattle to open a rehearsal studio, Las Vegas to play country music in hotels or Tehachapi to join a local band and have a day job at CTL Lighting, an old lamp shop off Green St. With family nearby and the opportunity to play with the legendary Steve Hall, I chose Tehachapi.

Fast forward, I recently approached The Loop newspaper about writing on Tehachapi's music scene, but was encouraged to also share my own musical journey. I've played in over 20 countries, recorded, won awards for song writing and even self-published a children's book "The Night Jesus Met Santa Claus." Expect stories, gear discussions and local music news from me, without critiquing talent, discussing politics or promoting venues. I'm eager to hear your thoughts!

The story behind my nickname: I used to sport a full head of hair, earning me the nickname "Bush" in high school. During a tour in Japan, after bonding with Marines over shared stories, I jokingly suggested they give me a mohawk. Waking up the next day with a hangover and a new hairstyle, I embraced it. Throughout the tour, I had Marines redoing my mohawk at every base. It even helped in some of the unusual jobs I've had. Eventually, as my hairline receded, I shaved it all off, earning me the nickname "Nohawk Rob."

May your ears hear what your heart feels.

To contact "Nohawk Rob," email [email protected]/.