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When it matters, send Blooms



Blooms opened last year in Tehachapi. They offer subscription orders, and always strive to provide fresh and unique blooms to their customers.

Blooms opened for business in August of 2023, offering custom flower designs, floral subscription and local delivery throughout the greater Tehachapi area. Our goal is to provide fresh, premium quality and unique arrangements with excellent customer service.

In the ongoing effort to keep the flowers as fresh as possible, Blooms weekly shops the flower markets in the Southern California region, bringing home a new assortment each Monday and using those varieties throughout the week. This is also known as our weekly color palette and is posted on our social media accounts to let our clients know what their options are for any outgoing orders placed.

The selection changes each week, and we attempt to keep it varied and interesting by shopping for seasonal blooms and even sourcing local growers whenever possible. (As a side note, if you're a local grower interested in supplying your product to Blooms, we would love to hear from you!)

Blooms is a sole proprietor operation, owned by Laura Brubaker, who sources,designs, delivers, answers phones, washes buckets and walks the studio mascot, Kona. Her husband Eric tackles all things electronic, including website maintenance, advertising, bookkeeping and constructing any special order containers or floral structures. Operations are conducted from our home studio in Golden Hills.

If you are interested in reaching out to place an order, sign up for a subscription or just have questions for us, we would be delighted to talk with you! We can be reached by phone or text at (661) 557-5083; by either of our social media accounts on Facebook (Blooms, Tehachapi, CA) and Instagram (blooms.tehachapi.ca) or by visiting our website at orderblooms.com where you can browse our many photos, calculate cost/ shipping or send us a message.

We believe flowers elevate our lives and our moods, improving any space by introducing beauty to our surroundings, and are a particularly elegant way to convey your thoughts and feelings. Whether you wish to send gratitude, love, support, sympathy or celebration, we are here to help you send the right message, so when it matters, send Blooms!