By Alysia Bailey
staff writer 

Tots Art Gala – Tots GLOWS Wild

Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District


April 13, 2024

Alysia Bailey.

On April 5, Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District's Tots Program hosted their annual Tots Art Gala at the ABIAC gym. This year's theme was Tots Glows Wild. When entering the exhibition visitors were greeted by a darkened room that was lined with glowing artwork, lit up by black lights. It was quite a site!

Alysia Bailey.

The main gym showcased the artwork, featuring "wild" things, including "Where The Wild Things Are," Wild West, jungle and safari. There was an entry fee and artwork was available for purchase to help raise funds for the Tots program and to help with the upkeep of outdoor art areas. The TVRPD Tots staff did a great job setting up the displays and, despite the poor weather, there was a good turnout. Several of the young artists also attended the event and had a fun time chasing eachother around the gym.


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