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By Pat Doody
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Meet Your New Neighbors


April 13, 2024

In February, Air Force Sergeant Crystal Erskine was finally able to move into her new home in Tehachapi, as the owner had been preparing it for occupancy. Transferred from San Antonio, Texas, Erskine and her two children, 15-year-old Danielle and 11-year-old Josiah, lived on Edwards Air Force Base for a while until the house was ready for them. All of their belongings were put in storage during that time. Tagging along in the move was Coco and Cash, their two family dogs.

Crystal was raised with her two brothers in San Antonio. She is the middle child of her family. She said she had been working in fast food and trying to make ends meet when she talked with an Air Force recruiter. She joined the Air Force and they sent her to school to study psychology. She has always liked being able to help people. She has now been in the Air Force for 16 years and is a counselor at Edwards. She married early in her Air Force career but is recently divorced. She is hoping to move into IT management when she retires from the military in about four more years.

The family's new house came with a raised bed garden that Crystal is hoping to rejuvenate as soon as the weather cooperates. She said she heard that the house had once been part of a garden tour but was sadly in need of attention. One can only imagine its former glory. Crystal said she doesn't currently have any hobbies, but it seems like that garden is calling to her.

Welcome to Tehachapi, Crystal, Danielle, Josiah, Coco and Cash. Enjoy your new home and garden.


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