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Introducing Crown Drilling Services


This is water well is used as a "monitoring well" to sample water to check for contamination.

Established in 2016, Crown Drilling Services operates in both Texas and California, with operations manager Josh Lynch at the helm of California operations. Crown Drilling's service area covers all of the Central Valley and surrounding mountain areas, such as Tehachapi.

From 24/7 emergency repair to large projects, Crown Drilling handles all things wells. Josh and his team specialize in hard rock drilling and are highly experienced in both residential and industrial well-drilling. Their work, from small domestic wells to large agricultural ones up to 2,500 feet deep, is both clean and professional.

Keep an eye out for future articles in The Loop newspaper for some valuable tips, tricks and advice on wells from Crown Drilling Services' operations manager Josh Lynch.

For 24-hour pump service, Josh can be reached at (661) 364-5503 or email [email protected].