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A memorable adventure in Tahiti


George and Anne Marie Novinger.

Years ago, my husband George and I took college groups to Teriaroa Island in French Polynesia twice through Glendale Community College's Study Abroad Program.

We were able to visit Marlon Brando's primitive home with its circular bed and his many collections. We ate delicious food including fresh palm hearts, all served on plate-sized green leaves.

There were many flies there caused by the many cats on Tetiaroa, according to an extensive Smithsonian study we read while sitting on Marlon's bed! We got to meet Marlon's sweet daughter, then about 7 years old. We also briefly met his Tahitian wife. We went snorkeling in the lovely water and also jumped over the very dangerous reef into the deep ocean where we could see sharks swimming about 200 feet below in the very deep blue water. It was really scary trying to swim and lift ourselves back over that reef with its very sharp coral spikes. My heart beat really fast. We were all okay, except for one guy who came ashore covered in blood!

Another of my favorite memories is attending a dancing and singing competition in Papeete. All French Polynesian islands participated, each with their own unique beautiful clothing. The rain drenched and drove our whole class back to our hotel ... except for me. I stayed until the very end and then caught a ride back to our hotel completely soaked.

Tahiti is one of my favorite memories!

Anne Marie Novinger is a fifth generation Californian and has contributed many stories to The Loop newspaper. She has lived in Tehachapi for over 40 years. She has recently moved to La Crescenta to live with her daughter. Anne can be reached at [email protected]/.