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What's Up in Bear Valley Springs?

We have definitely been in the rainy season. All’s good, though, as we should have a very vibrant spring.

The valley has recently lost one of our community citizens. Miles Coverdale passed on Jan. 27. He was known for his years of weed-whacking roadsides, and also for his videos of our valley, covering the amenities, and, even more significantly, our fragile water delivery system.

Kudos to CSD Vice-President, Martin Hernandez and the Board. VP Hernandez introduced a proclamation requesting that Bear Valley Springs be designated a Purple Heart Community. The proclamation passed unanimously. One of our citizens, James Rice, was awarded two Purple Heart awards for his injuries during his service in Vietnam.

On Feb. 21, the Wildlife Coalition sponsored a seminar on the NRCS. The Natural Resources Conservation Service, who will work with us on helping to keep working lands working, protect resilient landscapes, boost rural economies, and improve the quality of our air, water and soil. They can be contacted at NRCS.USDA.gov. Funding can be acquired to help with brush clearing and other chores.

The Wildlife Coalition has been busy. They also opened a photo contest of our wildlife in Bear Valley Springs. This promises to be an engaging contest.

To see the rules, click onto the Wildlife Coalition Website at [email protected]. June 26 is the final closing date. The winner will be announced in July, and photos will be displayed in Bear Tracks, BVS’ community magazine.

Bear Valley Springs is a private gated community in which the residents pay an annual association amenities fee. To visit, a non-member or non-resident must arrange with a friend or family member in the community for a guest pass that would permit them to engage in the activities. Guest passes will be checked.