By Stanley Morgan
contributing writer 

Thank you, Tehachapi


March 2, 2024

I’m Stanley Morgan. My wife, Linda, and I lost our daughter on Feb. 5, due to complications from a brain bleed. Over the last 8 years she had significant health issues and had been on hospice for 2 years. That having been said, nothing really prepares one for the loss of a child, regardless of what age they may be. Upon her passing we told a few people who we felt had a need/desire to know about her death and word quickly spread.

I am writing this to express our heartfelt thank you to the Tehachapi community for the incredible support and care that was expressed to us at the time of Peggy’s passing and since. Thank you to our friends at the Tehachapi SENIOR CENTER, The Salvation Army, our “chicken foot” group, our church family at Shephard of the Hills and members of the community at large. I feel we are truly blessed to live in such a caring and compassionate community.

Dealing with the loss of a child is a difficult and emotional process, but living in a community like Tehachapi makes it possible, not only to cope, but to heal. Support from friends and family, coupled with the “Good Grief Group” at Shephard of the Hills Church, which meets every Thursday at 6 p.m., and support from the community is a true blessing from God to help us through this time and we will be forever grateful to you all. With tears on our cheek and a humble heart we want to say thank you, Tehachapi.


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