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Just the facts

Our policy at the Family Life Pregnancy Center is to give facts, not opinions. Many of our clients face difficult decisions that come with consequences, good and bad.

Knowledge is the key to any "fork in the road" that requires a level head of thinking. When facts are presented, it is up to the one seeking the information to interpret the facts and go forward with his or her decision. We rest on the fact that we give current and accurate information, with respect to the person no matter the outcome.

As we desire to educate our clients with accuracy and no coercion, our desire is to also educate our community on California facts, not opinions of either the "left" or the "right." In the area of "reproductive health," much has changed in our state, both affecting the patient and potentially affecting Pregnancy Resource Centers, like ours.

Possible affects to those seeking an abortion:

Before the pandemic it was a regulated policy in California that the abortion pill required an ultrasound, not only to determine a viable pregnancy but also the gestational age of the fetus. A chemical abortion could only be had if the fetus was under 10 weeks. The entire process, from the ultrasound to the elimination of the fetus to recovery care, was under the care of a licensed physician. During the pandemic those regulations were reduced. Today, females of any age can order an abortion pill online, with no ultrasound necessary, no determination of gestational age, no supervision of a licensed physician and no parental approval (if they are under the age of 18). This could be interpreted as an "easy fix" to a difficult and unwanted situation. The facts are showing that many girls do not know the exact gestational age of the fetus or if they are even pregnant. The abortion pill causes the user to expel the fetus. Many times, girls are traumatized when they expel a larger than expected baby in the "comfort of their own living room." What was supposed to be easy and "hidden" has now become an emergency room visit. Those are the facts.

Potential affects to Pregnancy Resource Centers:

Many centers in northern and southern California have faced lawsuits claiming they gave "false and misleading" information claiming that these centers are "fake clinics." It is no secret that Pregnancy Resource Centers have been a target with the potential to escalate. Pregnancy Resource Centers that offer ultrasounds fall under one of two medically legal authorities. Some are licensed by the State of California as a Primary Care Clinic, meeting every legal requirement by the state. Other centers, like ours, fall under the license of a physician. Our program legally functions under Dr. John Owens, OBGYN, in Bakersfield. Our Nurse/Clinic Manager, registered nurse and certified sonographer, reports directly to Dr. Owens, following regulated medical policies and procedures. Centers are also being targeted with investigations on HR policies and compliances, HIPPA regulations, etc. Although these centers are legal and above reproach, the legal fees in the lawsuits are putting many at risk of shut down.

We stay current on upcoming bills that may affect our center and our community regarding reproductive health. A.B. 598 requires sex education to include local resources for getting abortions and that students be given physical or digital resources regarding same. It also requires that the California Healthy Kids survey include a module on sexual and reproductive health care (abortion) as a core survey module in grades 7, 9 and 11. A.B. 602 provides for Civil Penalties if a pregnancy center uses what a "reasonable person" would consider false advertising of services they do not provide, up to $10,000 in fines, restitution, and attorney fees. S.B. 1368 requires that as part of the Healthy Youth Act (sex ed), information about pregnancy centers must be included among resources available on its internet website and included by school districts in information about local resources.

This is a very small window of current facts regarding "reproductive health" in our state. For further information or questions, please contact the Family Life Pregnancy Center at (661) 823-8255.