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Public Works Department celebrates 1,000 days of no lost time

City of Tehachapi

The City of Tehachapi Public Works Department reached an impressive milestone of 1,000 days without any Lost Time Incidents. Beginning April 21, 2021, through Thursday, January 24, 2024, the men and women of our Public Works Department demonstrated the high standards of excellence and safety they practice in their day-to-day work. 1,000 days without an injury or lost time amounts to approximately 145,000 working hours of staff time.

Under the leadership of Public Works Director Don Marsh and Deputy Public Works Director Tyler Napier, this accomplishment wouldn't be achievable without the department's willingness to support routine training and their dedication to analyzing any potential hazards they could face on a daily basis.

"These guys are boots on the ground. They put themselves in harm's way – with traffic, being in trenches, all of those sorts of things," said City Manager Greg Garrett. "And to reach 1,000 days of no lost time, I couldn't be prouder, and I thank them for doing that."

All Public Works staff gathered this morning to celebrate their achievement over breakfast and speeches by City Manager Greg Garrett, all PW division supervisors and representatives from American Safety Services.

The Public Works Department will be recognized at the Feb. 5 Tehachapi City Council Meeting for their accomplishment.