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Extraordinary Women Recognition

City of Tehachapi

The City of Tehachapi is looking forward to celebrating Women's History Month in March by opening nominations for Tehachapi's Extraordinary Women Recognition. The goal of the new program is to highlight the women in Tehachapi who inspire, lead, and forge the way for other women and make a difference in our community.

The City is seeking nominations of women in Tehachapi who go above in beyond in their daily work/lives, who demonstrate great character, who are leaders and change-makers, and who are active participants in our community. They will be recognized with a certificate at the March 4 Tehachapi City Council Meeting, highlighted on the City social media pages, and asked to be featured on our podcast, Tehachapod, to share about their backstory.

To submit your nominations, visit the link below and fill out the Google Form: forms.gle/Srvhw78TvDjKC3MV6

Nominees must live, work, or volunteer within Tehachapi city limits. Nominations will close Feb. 22, 2024. Depending on the number of nominations, up to three women will be selected for the recognition.