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Desert Rose Garden Club completes first project of the year

The Desert Rose Garden Club of California City (DRGC) has completed its first project for the year. The kiosk at the entrance of the city was built in 2016. The idea for the kiosk was that of Adam Barragan. He needed a task for his Eagle Scout Project. Adam raised the money, sought out volunteers and dedicated many hours to complete this gigantic kiosk. Eight years later it still stands to showcase our city to visitors. So how is the DRGC involved? We are constantly pursuing the "Beautify California City Project." We put our noggins together and thought the kiosk could use some landscape that would blend with our beautiful city. Black lava rock, four Barrel Cactus, Ocotillo, Santa Palo and a Blue Agave compliment the signage very well. A boulder was added as security from the nearby traffic, and solar lights were installed for nighttime lighting. Although the cactuses are still small, remember they need a couple of years to reach our imagination, they have plenty of room to grow and will be an absolute beautiful sight to see.

A ribbon cutting ceremony will be scheduled for the near future.