By Andi Hicks
contributing writer 

Everything old is new again

Tehachapi Community Theatre Spotlight


December 9, 2023


At the mic from left to right: Eric Liese, Sarah Skinner, Alex Zonn and Don Brandinelli.

Radio is back! Not the screaming meemies of commercial broadcasting, but the Theatre of Imagination that millions of Americans experienced as they gathered around radios every night to hear Charlie McCarthy, Gang Busters and Orson Welles' famous "War of the Worlds."

Tehachapi actors are bringing back vintage entertainment with in person performances of original radio dramas. Recently, the T-Pops orchestra presented "A Bull in Chinatown," a Halloween special by local writer Deborah Hand-Cutler. The newly formed Radio Players delighted the BVS Women's Club with an original radio play "Max Shade - The Case of the Mummy Masquerade" by author Neill D. Hicks.

Radio Players is a group of veteran Tehachapi stage actors as well as performers fresh to the medium. You can watch these artists work their magic as they create multiple characters on microphones and features live action sound effects in real time, in a collection of original and old favorite shows.

Radio Players are available to perform at organizations, special events and private dinner parties. For the great fun of a live performance of the Theatre of Imagination, please text (661) 750-2615.


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