By Clare Scotti
contributing writer 

Introducing the Great Tehachapi Scavenger Hunt


April 27, 2024

The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce is hosting a different kind of Scavenger Hunt starting May 1 to encourage residents and visitors to explore Tehachapi and shop local.

The beautiful spring weather has the flowers blooming and it’s a perfect time to go on a Tehachapi adventure. The Great Tehachapi Scavenger Hunt is an Instagram competition. Starting May 1, contestants across Tehachapi and beyond are encouraged to participate and complete the hunt. The winning individual or team will win a $1,000 cash prize. The second place winner will win $500. The third place winner will receive $250. Runners up will receive special discounts and giveaways from local businesses. There will also be a $500 prize for the participant who has the most friends follow the Chamber’s Instagram page. Thank you to local business Knight Building Systems, for sponsoring this free event! Please see below for scavenger hunt details.

Step 1: Log into your Instagram account or create an account, if you don’t have one. Follow @chambertehachapi on Instagram. You must use your (or one of your teammate’s) legitimate personal Instagram account for all posts and messages–the same account for every interaction.

Step 2: On May 1, look for the post on the Chamber’s Instagram page introducing the Scavenger Hunt. The post will have instructions. You’ll be asked to like the post and tag five friends in a comment - if you don’t reply in the comment, we won’t know that you are participating. You will receive the first clue in a Direct Instagram message on May 1. Be sure to allow @chambertehachapi to send you messages on Instagram.

Step 3: You’ll have 31 days to solve multiple clues and visit the locations in the hunt. A clue will be dropped as early as 10 a.m. every 2 days. If you start later in the month, clues will be shared immediately after you solve the previous clue.

How to Play: Once you’ve solved the clue and found the location, take a picture of the location, preferably a selfie or with an icon representing yourself or your team, and send it in an Instagram message to @chambertehachapi. Messages will be answered in chronological order from when they were received twice daily. When verified, the next clue will be sent to you in the message. A leaderboard of the top five contestants will be updated each day on the Chamber website at: In the event that you have issues communicating via the app, you may send an email to with your Instagram username in the subject along with #tehachapiscavengerhunt.

The hunt will conclude at noon May 31. The first person to solve all 12 clues and find the locations will be declared the winner, and will be shared immediately. Second place and third place awards will be given as well. Runners up will receive 25% off services at 1st Priority Registration Services. Awards will be given June 1 at 10 a.m. at the Thunder Car Cruise at P-Dubs Mountain Bowling (20800 Santa Lucia St.).

Regarding Teams: Teams are encouraged, but the winning team will be required to share the winnings among their teammates. No teams larger than five participants please. Be safe, be smart and be courteous. Do not share images of your hunt until the contest is complete on May 31; unless you want to give away locations to the public. A full disclaimer will be shared in the Instagram post and in the first message.

Regarding Cyber Safety and Scammers: The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce will not send links in comments or messages and will not ask for personal information or credit card information. This hunt is free. Let’s keep it free from scammers as well.


• You must be 18 years or older to participate, or have a parent or guardian participating with them.

• Participate at your own risk.

• Be smart. Be safe. Be courteous.

• Use caution and discretion and obey all local laws at all times.

• No refunds will be given for any reason, including, but not limited to: weather, travel delays, natural disasters, etc. You also understand and agree that events and itineraries are subject to change and no refunds will be given.

• By registering for and/or participating in Adventure Hunt, you and your teammate(s) assume all liability and responsibility for your actions and safety. The Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce and its Sponsors assume no liability or responsibility for your actions nor safety, nor the actions and safety of your teammates, nor anyone affected by your or your teammates actions.

Email us or message us with any questions you have. @chambertehachapi. May the hunt be in your favor.

Clare Scotti is the Executive Director of Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce.


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