By Sarah Mouchet
staff writer 

City declares surplus land, approves $160k project to replace screw

City Council Update


November 25, 2023

A variety of topics were brought to vote at the Nov. 20 Tehachapi City Council meeting, from declaring surplus land to approving a project for a $160,000 sewage pump screw replacement. A new fats, oils and grease ordinance is in the works, and Community Engagement Specialist Mya Acosta was excited to promote the upcoming Tehachapi Hometown Christmas event on Dec. 2.

A total of 27.3 acres west of Sand Canyon is currently owned and unused by the city. The land, which would best be suited for cattle grazing or the like, has little use to the city and was declared as surplus at the meeting. Moving forward, the land will be available for purchase for 90 days by certain developers making things like parks, affordable housing and schools before becoming available to the general public.

Tehachapi’s wastewater treatment facility treats an average of 700,000 gallons of wastewater per day and has, among other equipment, an Archimedes screw pump – a special type of pump that uses a screw to help move water. Installed some 30 years ago, the East Headworks Screw Pump screw is starting to show signs of wear – a replacement project that will require a crane, four to six hours and a whopping $160,000. Although the estimated cost ended up being $60,000 over the original projected cost of $100,000, the fairly simple but pricey project was voted as a necessity by the city.

A new Fats Oils and Grease Control Program is currently being crafted for food service establishments. The ordinance will be less limiting to the city and more comprehensive than the current rather non-exhaustive ordinance, allowing for better control over and knowledge of the fats, oils and grease from businesses that are going into the sewage system and potentially causing build-ups and blockage.

Police Chief Standridge announced to the council, as mandated by law, the usage of military-style equipment by the Tehachapi Police Department. The currently used patrol rifles and recently purchased less-lethal launchers – also for the patrol team – fall under this category. Policemen are trained in the academy to use these kinds of weaponry, however the Tehachapi Police Department also does their own on-site training and safety lessons for all weapons used by the department.

Tehachapi Hometown Christmas, happening on Dec. 2, is slated to be a festive-packed day. In addition to the busy event schedule (which can be found in The Loop newspaper’s Winter Fun Guide), the city has had 300 ornaments custom-made as giveaway prizes to those who visit local businesses and get their city-provided stamp card filled out. Following talks about Hometown Christmas, the council began preliminary discussions for how to better encourage people to shop local. The idea of “city dollars” was floated, with a similar program where shoppers could show $100 of local receipts and get a $25 gift card to be spent in the city seeing great success in the past.

The Tehachapi City Council meets on the first and third Monday of the month at 6 p.m. They are currently meeting at the Police Department Community Room, 220 W. C St.


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