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Marisa Wood is ready to serve

With enthusiasm and determination, Marisa Wood described the reasons she is campaigning to represent California's 20th Congressional District. She told Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club members she is not a career politician, but she wants to be of service to the families she has come to know during her career as a public school teacher for the past 20 years.

Everyday Wood sees how the families of her junior high students struggle to pay the bills, to clothe and feed their children, to obtain needed health care and live with dignity. She says Congress should be held accountable for failing to provide for the needs of the common person. She felt many actions taken are slanted toward protecting the wealthy, and this is particularly seen in the tax structure.

If elected to the House, Wood vowed to fight every single day for healthcare for all, to reduce child poverty, to prioritize workers and take action to promote a good life for all Americans.

This was not Wood's first visit to the Democratic Club. She lives in Bakersfield, but visited Tehachapi several times when she ran for this same position in 2022. It was at the annual Tehachapi Mountain Democratic Club picnic in August of this year where she announced her intention to enter the race and be elected in 2024. There are several candidates who have already filed and more may be expected. Wood will not be deterred. She wants to work for positive change and feels it is her time to be of service to the families and children in the 20th District.